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In southern Mexico, the spirits of the dead come back to visit, from noontime on October 31 through November 2. It is a time of rituals and prayer, but also of personal celebration as people "catch up" with their deceased loved ones. Many believers keep all-night vigils in Oaxaca's cemeteries, which are transformed into a wonderland of twinkling candles, yellow marigolds, and smoking incense.

Handmade, Day of the Dead tin skeleton figures are created for us by two renowned tinsmith families in Oaxaca, Mexico. Most of the smaller, 4-inch figures are by the family of Angel Valdez. The larger figures are made by Artesanias Garcia. These figures are entirely handmade (cut out from flat sheets of tin, punched, embossed and soldered) by craftsmen using precision and artistic flair. Painted with durable lacquer and enamel colors, tin figures are inexpensive, lightweight and long lasting.


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A Day of Dead Collection, 10 handmade tin ornaments in box
Collection of 10 different, flat tin skeleton figures in handmade tin box. Box contains styles shown in picture.
Tin skeleton figures measure 3.5 - 5 inches tall each. Box with hinged cover measures 6 x 4.5 x 1.25 inches
SKU: TN-8_046
Bride & Groom Skeletons, painted tin wall plaque, 9-inch
Mexican punched tin wall plaque, handmade in Oaxaca

Skeleton Bride and Groom measures 9 inches tall. Painted on one side only.
SKU: TN-8_004
Catrina & Son, painted tin wall plaque, 7.5-inch
Mexican punched tin plaque, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE 7.5 inches tall. Painted one side only.
SKU: TN-8_002
Sold Out
Catrina on Bicycle, Mexican tin art wall art, purple dress, 6.5-inch long
Catrina in purple dress, Mexican tin art plaque handmade in Oaxaca.

Catrina on bicycle wall decoration measures 6.5 inches long by 7" tall. Painted front side only
SKU: TN-8_021
Catrina on Bicycle, Mexican tin wall art, red, 6.5-inch long
Mexican punched tin Catrina plaque, handmade in Oaxaca

SIZE: 6.5 inches tall. Painted with red dress. one side only
SKU: TN-8_003
Grim Reaper, tin figure
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 6 inches tall
SKU: TN-8_012
Heart with Skeleton Angels, painted tin wall plaque
Tin heart with skeleton angels handmade by Paulo Cortes Higuera.
Heart with skeleton angels Mexican tin wall art measures 13 inches long by 9 1/2" tall
SKU: TN-8_037
La Catrina Skull, tin ornament
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 5 inches wide
SKU: TN-8_019
La Catrina, Mexican tin figure, 4.5-inch
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 4.5 inch tall
SKU: TN-8_018
Skeleton Bass Player, tin figure
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 5.5 inches tall
SKU: TN-8_014
Sold Out
Skeleton Catrino with Top Hat, flat, tin wall plaque, red, 9.5-inch
Skeleton Catrino Wall Art handmade by Artesanias Garcia

Flat figurine measures 9.5 inches tall. Hangs on a wall.
SKU: TN-8_007
Skeleton Catrino, painted tin wall plaque, black, 9.5-inch
Tin catrino figure, handmade in Oaxaca by Artesanias Garcia

Wall Decoration measures 9.5 inches tall. Painted front side only.
SKU: TN-8_006
Skeleton Charro Guy with bottle, tin figure
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
Esquelito charro measures 5 inches tall
SKU: TN-8_009
Skeleton Charro wearing pink serape, tin wall decor, black, 9.5-inch
Tin wall decoration handmade in Oaxaca by Artesanias Garcia

Skeleton figure measures 9.5 inches tall
SKU: TN-8_031
Skeleton Charro wearing red outfit with blue serape, tin wall decor, 9.5-inch
Tin figure handmade in Oaxaca by Artesanias Garcia.
Flat tin figure wall decoration measures 9.5 inches tall, painted front side only.
SKU: TN-8_030
Skeleton Dog, painted tin figure
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca

Dog measures 4.5 inches long, painted both sides.
SKU: TN-8_016
Skeleton Guy with Serape, Mexican tin ornament
Mexican punched, flat tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
Esquelito Serape measures 5 inches tall
SKU: TN-8_010
Skeleton Horseback Rider, tin wall plaque (guirnalda)
Tin wall plaque holds printed image of skeleton, is handmade by Rocio Pindter
SIZE: 13 inches tall by 9" wide
SKU: TN-8_036
Skeleton Mariachi Band, 6 tin figures
Six Mexican punched tin ornaments, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: each is 5 inches tall
SKU: TN-8_015
Skeleton Mariachi Violinist, with angel wings, tin wall decor
Tin wall art handmade in San Miguel de Allende
Measures 9 inches tall
SKU: TN-8_034
Original price: $15.00
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