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Oaxacan Carvings

Hand-carved and hand-painted, these carvings are the most sought-after folk art in Mexico. With brilliant colors and fine craftsmanship, each sculpture reflects its maker's talent, imagination and creativity. Collectors prize their cheerful features and one-of-a-kind originality. Oaxacan woodcarving is among the best of Mexico's rich, "made-by-hand" artistic traditions.

This subcategory of collectible Oaxacan insect carvings, signed by the artists, includes butterflies, bees, mosquitos and grasshoppers.


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Butterfly by Blas Family
Oaxacan wood carving by Paulino Blas
SIZE: Wingspan is 7 inches wide, by 7" long
SKU: WD-5_03
Original price: $59.00
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Dragonfly by Blas Family, 8-inch, 4 wings
Oaxacan woodcarving Paulino Blas
SIZE: 8 inches long. Legs and wings detach for shipping. Colors may vary from photos.
SKU: WD-5_05
Dragonfly, by Blas family, 10-inch 2 wings
Oaxacan carving by Rogelio Blas
Measures 10 inches long by 10" wide. Wings, legs and antennae detach for shipping
SKU: WD-5_01
Grasshopper, by Rogelio Blas F.
Grasshopper by Blas family in Oaxaca. Legs, wings, antennae detach for shipping.
Grasshopper measures 6 inches long by 5 inches wide.
SKU: WD-5_08
Guisano Worm on leaf
Oaxacan Wood Carving is handmade by Blas family
Measures 8 inches long
SKU: WD-5_07
Sold Out
Honeybee by Blas Family
Oaxaca woodcarving by Blas family
Bee measures 8 inches long by 8.5 tall
SKU: WD-5_02
Praying Mantis, green
Oaxacan carving on hard cedar wood, by Tribus Mixes Collective
SIZE: 11 inches tall by 11" long. Wings and antennae detach for shipping
SKU: WD-7_049
Sold Out
Praying Mantis, green and orange
Oaxacan wood carving handmade by Tribus Mixes
SIZE: 11.5 inches tall x 10" long. Wings and antennae detach for safe shipping.
SKU: WD-7_014
Sold Out
Scorpion, carving by Blas family
Oaxacan woodcarving by Blas family
Measures 8 inches long by 8 wide. Legs and claws detach for shipping.
SKU: WD-5_04
Sold Out
Wasp by Blas Family
Wasp Oaxacan carving handmade by Blas family
SIZE: 9 inches long, including antennae. Legs and wings remove for safe shipping
SKU: WD-5_06
Sold Out
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