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MINI Alebrije Carvings

Oaxacan Wood Carvings

Hand-carved and then painted in cheerful colors, these alebrije carvings are the most sought-after folk art in Mexico. Each finely-crafted sculpture reflects its maker's talent and imagination. We buy our figurines directly from carvers living in villages of the Oaxaca valley. Most are signed by the artists. In most wood-carving families, the husband does the carving and whittling, children sand the figurines to a smooth finish, and it is often the wives who paint the finely-detailed patterns. The realm of Oaxacan woodcarving reflects the best of Mexico's wonderful, "made-by-hand" artistic traditions. For more details, download our promotional flyer at this link.

Miniature Oaxacan wood carvings are tiny, whimsical versions of some of the full-size figurines sold on this site. They will keep you company on your work desk, windowsill or night stand. During the Christmas season, the little creatures make fun, secret-Santa gifts or stocking-stuffers. . Painted in bright colors, they also make unusual board game players pieces; excellent for Monopoly! Collect a few!


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Mini Alebrije, 3 inches tall
Oaxacan woodcarving by Jesus Sosa
Mini alebrije measures 3 inches tall. Sent with pieces unassembled, for safe shipping
SKU: WD-8_11
Sold Out
MINI CARVING - Armadillo Alebrije, multi-colors
Mini armadillo wood carving made by Joaquin Hernandez in Oaxaca, Mexico
Armadillo measures 2 1/2 inches long and comes in an array of bright colors. Tail detaches for shipping.
SKU: WD-8_05
MINI CARVING - Cat Alebrije, multi-colors, 2-inch
Mini cat wood carving by Joaquin Hernandez in San Martin Tilcajete, near Oaxaca.
Tiny cat measures 2 inches tall by 1 3/4" wide. Each is one-of-a-kind, hand-painted in an array of colors and designs.
SKU: WD-8_34
MINI CARVING - Coyote Alebrije, multi-colors
Mini coyote alebrije is made by Joaquin Hernandez
Coyote measures 2 inches tall by 1.5" long.
SKU: WD-8_04
MINI CARVING - Dog Alebrije, multi-colors
Little dog wood carving is by Joaquin Hernandez
Little dog carving measures 2 inches tall. Tail detaches for shipping.
SKU: WD-8_15
Sold Out
MINI CARVING - Elephant Alebrije, multi-colors
Mini elephant carving handmade in Oaxaca by Joaquin Hernandez
Little elephant measures 1 inch long by 2 1/2 inches tall. Figures are painted in a variety of cheerful colors.
SKU: WD-8_28
MINI CARVING - Fish Alebrije, multi-colors
Oaxacan wood carving by Joaquin Hernandez.
Fish measures 2 1/2 inches long and comes in an array of colors.
SKU: WD-8_06
MINI CARVING - Grasshopper Alebrije, multi-colors
Oaxacan carving made by Joaquin Hernandez in array of colors.
Grasshopper measures 2 1/2 inches long. Antennae detach for safe shipping.
SKU: WD-8_10
MINI CARVING - Guisano Worm
Mini guisano worm, Oaxacan wood carving

Worm measures 3 inches long. Colors may vary from photos shown, each worm is one of a kind.
SKU: WD-8_25
MINI CARVING - Ladybug Alebrije
Mini Ladybug wood carving is made by Joaquin Hernandez
Cute, little ladybug figurine measures 1 3/4 inches long
SKU: WD-8_37
MINI CARVING - Owl Alebrije, multi-colors
Little owl wood carving by Joaquin Hernandez comes in a variety of colors.
Owl measures 1 1/4 inches tall.
SKU: WD-8_01
MINI CARVING - Pig Alebrije, multi-colors
Pig alebrije made in an array of colors by Oaxacan carver Joaquin Hernandez
Little pig measures 2 inches long.
SKU: WD-8_16
MINI CARVING - Porcupine, 2-inch, multi-colors
Mini wooden porcupine alebrije by Joaquin Hernandez

Porcupine measures 2 inches long. Painted in a wide array of color patterns, each figurine is one of a kind.
SKU: WD-8_13
Original price: $9.95
Save 20%
MINI CARVING - Rabbit alebrije, in multicolors
Little sitting rabbit, a Oaxacan carving alebrije by Joaquin Hernandez
Rabbit measures 1 inch long by 2.5 inches tall. Painted in an array of bright colors.
SKU: WD-8_31
MINI CARVING - Turtle Alebrije, multi-colors
Hand-carved and painted Oaxacan carving by Joaquin Hernandez
Turtle measures 2 inches long.
SKU: WD-8_02
MINI CARVINGS - Pair of Pigs, 2 1/2-inch
Little Oaxacan wood carving alebrijes handmade in Mexico. Set of Two.
Each pig measures 2.5 inches long. Slightly larger than our other mini carvings. Not signed.
SKU: WD-1_048
MINI CARVINGS, Cat and Dog, Oaxacan Alebrijes
Miniature Oaxacan carvings, set of one cat and one dog. Hand-crafted items, colors may vary from pictures.
Each figure measures about 2 inches long.
SKU: WD-8_29
Sold Out
Pair of little dolphin alebrijes, handcrafted in Oaxaca.
Each dolphin measures 2 3/4 inches long. Each is unique, one-of-a-kind, painted in a different color patterns. We cannot offer you a specific color and pattern.
SKU: WD-8_32
MINI OAXACAN CARVINGS, Set #1 - Five Alebrije Figures
Collection of miniature carvings includes owl, horse, elephant, porcupine and frog. Colors of individual animals may vary from photos
Each carving measures 2 inches, approximately. Each piece is in a separate, sealed plastic bag. Great for stuffing stockings!
SKU: WD-8_14
MINI OAXACAN CARVINGS, Set #2 - Five Alebrije Figures
Collection of 5 little carvings: coyote, fish, ladybug, cat and chicken. Colors of individual pieces may vary from photos
5 different figures, measure 1.5 - 2.5 inches long. Each carving is sealed in separate plastic bag; perfect for stocking stuffing.
SKU: WD-8_03
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