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Oaxacan Carvings

Hand-carved and hand-painted, these carvings are the most sought-after folk art in Mexico. With brilliant colors and fine craftsmanship, each sculpture reflects its maker's talent, imagination and creativity. Collectors prize their cheerful features and one-of-a-kind originality. Oaxacan woodcarving is among the best of Mexico's rich, "made-by-hand" artistic traditions.

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Alebrije by Blas Family
Oaxacan woodcarving by Blas Family
Measures 8 inches tall. Multiple pieces (wings, ears, etc.) detach for safe shipping
SKU: WD-8_05
Sold Out
Alebrije, 2.5 inches tall
Oaxacan woodcarving by Claudio Sosa
SIZE: 2 1/2 inches tall. Sent with pieces unassembled, for safe shipping
SKU: WD-8_11
Sold Out
Alebrije, 5.5 inch tall
Alebrije carving made by Juventino Melchor
SIZE: 5 1/2 inches tall. Ships unassembled. These figures come in a variety of colors and patterns. Each is one-of-a-kind.
SKU: WD-8_08
Alebrije, yellow jacket
Alebrije wood figure is made in Oaxaca by Blas family
SIZE: 9.5 inches tall. Figure ships with pieces unassembled.
SKU: WD-8_07
Alebrje, pink jacket
Oaxacan wood carving by Rogelio Blas
SIZE: 10 inches tall. Assembly required, ships in pieces
SKU: WD-8_06
American Pit Bull, blue with green legs
Oaxacan dog carving by Juventino Melchor
Measures 6 inches long. Signed by artist.
SKU: WD-2_21
Angel in Pink Gown
Angel in pink dress, Oaxacan carving by Xochitl Fuentes
Angel measures 12 inches tall.
SKU: WD-8_24
Armadillo by Lauro, 16-inch
Oaxacan wood carving by Lauro Ramirez and Griselda Morales
Measures 16 inches long, including 5-inch detachable tail.
SKU: WD-1_024
Armadillo, by Xuana
Oaxacan carving by Flor y Abad Xuana
SIZE: 7 inches long
SKU: WD-1_065
Armadillo, green
Oaxacan woodcarving by Lauro Ramirez
Measures 7 1/2 inches long. Carved from one piece of copal wood.
SKU: WD-1_064
Sold Out
Armadillo, grey, large
Oaxacan carving by Tribus Mixes Collective
SIZE: Head and body is 8 inches long, plus 5-inch tail
SKU: WD-7_016
Armadillo, multicolor/orange, large
Oaxacan carving of hard cedar wood, by Tribus Mixes Collective
SIZE: Head and body measure 8 inches long, plus a 5-inch tail
SKU: WD-7_009
Armadillo, one solid carving
Oaxacan carving by Tribus Mixes Collective
Armadillo measures 7 inches long.
SKU: WD-7_042
Armadillo, small black/lavender
Oaxacan woodcarving by Victoriano Ramirez
Measures 4.5 inches long, plus detachable tail
SKU: WD-1_049
Armadillo, standing, by Blas Alebrijes
Oaxacan woodcarving by Rogelio Blas F.
Armadillo measures 7 inches tall by 11 inches long. Parts detach for safe shipping
SKU: WD-1_040
Bat Skeleton, green wings
Oaxacan carving by Lauro Ramirez and Griselda Ramirez
Measures 8 inches tall with 14-inch wingspan
SKU: WD-1_003
Bat, blue w/yellow wings
Oaxacan carving by Lauro Ramirez
SIZE: Body is 6 inches tall with 12" wingspan
SKU: WD-1_004
Bat, brown w/purple wings
Oaxacan woodcarving by Lauro Ramirez.
SIZE: Body is 6.5 inches tall with 14" wingspan
SKU: WD-1_005
Original price: $109.00
Save 13%
Sold Out
Bat, by Blas, standing
Oaxacan Wood Carving by R. Blas.
Measures 7 inches tall, by 7" long. Wingspan is 10 inches.
SKU: WD-1_074
Bat, grey, by Blas familh
Oaxacan carving by Rogelio Blas F.
SIZE: 9 inches long by 8" tall. Wings detach for safe shipping
SKU: WD-1_070
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