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New Arrivals

Milagro Tin Heart, red/pink, by HG
Tin Heart handcrafted in Oaxaca by Artesanias Garcia
Heart measures 6 inches tall by 3 1/4 inches wide. Painted on front side only.
SKU: TN-2_109
Huichol Beaded Face Mask, #2
Huichol beaded skeleton face mask. One-of-a-kind, handcrafted design.
Beaded face mask with green, peyote design measures 10 inches tall by 7 inches wide.
SKU: HU_25
Coatlique Dragon, by Blas family
Coatlique wooden dragon alebrije made by Melisio Blas
Dragon measures 13 inches long by 12" tall. Wings detach for safe shipping. Not signed. Paint colors and patterns may vary from the carving shown.
SKU: WD-9_01
American Pit Bull, blue with green legs
Oaxacan dog carving by Juventino Melchor
Measures 6 inches long. Signed by artist.
SKU: WD-2_21
Heart Plaque, scalloped border, orange flame FA
Hand-crafted Mexican tin heart, wedding favor and wall plaque.
Measures 6 inches tall, painted on front, only.
SKU: TN-2_003
Animal Musicos #1
Set of 6 animal musicos Oaxacan carvings by Juventino Melchor
Each figure measures about 7 inches tall.
SKU: WD-6_01
Chupacabra #2, by Rogelio Blas F.
Colorful chupacabra, legendary creature of folklore, is made by Rogelio Blas F.
Chupacabra alebrije measures 14 inches long, by 10" tall with 8" wingspan. All parts disconnect for safe shipping. Paint colors and patterns may vary from the carving shown.
SKU: WD-1_057
Armadillo, standing, by Blas Alebrijes
Oaxacan woodcarving by Rogelio Blas F.
Armadillo measures 8 inches tall by 12 inches long. Parts detach for safe shipping. Paint colors and patterns may vary from the carving shown.
SKU: WD-1_040
Coffin Pull Toy w/Catrina illustration
Cardboard coffin with a skull that pops up when you pull the string. Traditional Mexican Day of Dead toy.
Coffin measures 6 3/4 inches long by 3" wide. Hand-painted by Francisco de Jesus Juarez.
SKU: PA_13
Sold Out
Mexican Alebrije, paper maché sculpture, 48 cm.
Stunning paper mache Alebrije creature, handmade in Guanajuato by Francisco Juarez
Alebrije statue measures 48 cm, or 20 inches tall
SKU: PA_01
Tin Heart with 3D design, and flower
Mexican tin heart figure, cut, embossed and painted by hand in Oaxaca, Mexico
SIZE: 6 inches tall. 3D design painted front side only.
SKU: TN-2_030
Mexican Tin Frame and Mirror, 9-inch
Hand-painted tin frame with mirror made in Oaxaca by Aquino Family
Colorful pink frame measure 9.5 inches in diameter. Mirrored glass paned can be removed to replace with family photos.
SKU: TN-7-022
La Catrina on Bicycle, tin plaque, red dress
Mexican punched tin Catrina plaque, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 6.5 inches tall. Painted with red dress. one side only
SKU: TN-8_003
Heart Milagro w/red flame, HG
Tin heart handcrafted in Oaxaca by Artesanias Garcia
Milagro heart measures 6 1/4 inches tall by 3 1/4" wide. Hand-painted on front side only.
SKU: TN-2_110
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