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New Arrivals

Nahual Tiger Angel, Oaxacan Wood Carving
Oaxacan wood carving by Avelino Perez

Tiger-angel measures 9 inches tall. Signed by the artist.
SKU: WD-6_12
Owl #3, Oaxacan Wood Carving by Tribus Mixes, 10-inch tall
Oaxacan carving by Tribus Mixes Collective
Owl measures 9 inches long by 10 inches tall.
SKU: WD-7_006
A Christmas Collection - Boxed Set of 10 Painted Tin Ornaments
10 different Mexican tin Christmas ornaments in covered box, all handcrafted in Oaxaca.

Ornaments measure 4.5 inches tall average. Box measures 6" long x 4.5" wide, by 1.5" deep.
SKU: TN-6_003
Pitcher with Hand-Painted Catrina Face, Mexican Pottery, green
Hand-painted pitcher with face of La Catrina, Mexican pottery by Mayólica Santa Rosa.

Pitcher measures 6 inches tall by 6 inches wide. Fired with high-gloss glaze, it is signed and dated on the bottom.
SKU: PO-1_043
Covered Jar, by Mayólica Santa Rosa pottery, black
Covered pottery jar, black with white flowers and green leaves, handcrafted by Mayólica Santa Rosa

Hand-painted, Mexican pottery jar measures 8 inches tall and 4" in diameter. Signed and dated on the bottom.
SKU: PO-2_017
Covered Jar, by Mayólica Santa Rosa pottery, blue
Covered pottery jar, blue with white flowers, handcrafted by Mayólica Santa Rosa

Hand-painted, Mexican pottery jar measures 8 3/4 inches tall and 4" in diameter. Signed and dated on the bottom.
SKU: PO-2_011
Spoon Rest #5, Floral Design, Gloss Finish, 9.5 inches
Floral design spoon rest on stoneware pottery with high-gloss glaze by Mayólica Santa Rosa

Spoon rest measures 9 1/2 inches long. Made of durable, high-fire, stoneware pottery. Hand-painted image of white flowers may differ slightly from photo shown.
Catrina Face, Hand-Painted Mayólica Urn, 8 inches
Covered jar with hand-painted Catrina face is made by Mayolica Santa Rosa in Guanajuato

Covered urn measures 8 inches tall. Piece is turned on a potters wheel and decorated by hand.
Neapolitan Terracotta Market Lady, Nativity Figurine
Terra-cotta figurine, dressed in soiled, hand-stitched clothing to resemble an 18th century market lady, is made in Naples by the Gambardella Pastori workshop.
One-of-a-kind figurine, hand-painted, with glass eyes, measures 9 inches tall (23 cm) by 6 1/2" wide.
SKU: PO-5_24
Neapolitan Terracotta Market Vendor, Nativity Figurine
Market worker, Neapolitan nativity figurine, purposely made to look old, with hand-crafted, soiled clothing. Made in Naples, Italy by Gambardella Pastori workshop.

One-of-a-kind figurine measures 9 inches (23 cm.) tall, including wooden base. Hand-painted, terracotta figurine has glass eyes.
SKU: PO-5_25
Rabbit Wood Carving, orange eyes
White rabbit Oaxacan carving by Lauro Ramires and Griselda Morales

Rabbit measures 9 1/2 inches tall by 4.5 inches long.
SKU: WD-1_006
Nahual Dog Cardinal Bird, Oaxacan carving by Avelino Perez 6-inch
Dog/Cardinal Oaxacan wood carving by Avelino Perez. Signed by the artist.

Nahual bird measures 6 inches tall.
SKU: WD-3_21
Huichol Pig, beaded figurine, 11-inch long
Huichol art beaded pig, by family of Rosendo de la Cruz

Hefty pig measures 11 inches long by 7 inches tall.
SKU: HU_08
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