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Mexican Chocolate

Chocolate and Mole From Oaxaca

Hot chocolate drink holds a beloved place in the culinary culture of Oaxaca. In homes and cafes, it is prepared in clay jugs. The dark chocolate tablet is melted in hot milk or water, and whipped with a ringed, wooden Molinillo until it is foamy and fragrant. Our packages from the Oaxacan brands Mayordomo and La Soledad contain flat bars or cylinders of chocolate blended with cacao, sugar, ground almonds, cinnamon, and sometimes with vanilla and/or coffee. Note our different package sizes and flavor blends. Enjoy Oaxacan chocolate's distinct, rich flavor, hot or cold. Yum!

The rich, Mexican chocolate we carry comes from the two most acclaimed brands in Oaxaca -- Mayordomo and La Soledad. The manufacturers start with a base of dark, bitter chocolate made from roasted cacao beans grown in southern Mexico. Then they add varying amounts of sugar, cinnamon, pulverized almonds, sometimes vanilla, coffee and chili powder to produce hard tablets in variety of blends and flavors. On this page we offer a choice of package sizes and flavor blends, including low-sugar versions. Melt a chocolate tablet in hot milk or hot water to make a dark, rich chocolate drink -- hot cocoa in the winter, or chill it cold for a summer treat. Here is a recipe for making hot Mexican cocoa from the online Mexican Food Journal.

We also sell Mexican mole! Oaxaca is known as the "land of the seven moles," a thick sauce made from as many as 30 ingredients, including chocolate. We carry Mayordomo mole negro in sealed, glass jars. Dilute with water or chicken broth to make a spicy, chocolatey sauce perfect for serving over chicken, turkey and pork dishes.

All our Mexican chocolate products are stamped with sell-by dates attached at the factory in Oaxaca.


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Mexican Mole Negro Paste, La Soledad brand from Oaxaca, 17 oz. container
Oaxaca's famous La Soledad mole negro paste, only 20 mg. sodium per serving; dilute with water or chicken broth.

This 17 ounce container of concentrated paste is enough for 14 servings. See ingredients in label image.
Mayordomo Mexican Chocolate, 100% Cacao, 200 gm.
Bars of 100% dark chocolate. No sugar; no artificial sweeteners.
This 200 gram package contains four tablets of chocolate. Use for baking, or mix with milk to make 2 quarts liquid.
Mayordomo Mexican Chocolate, Cinnamon blend, 250 gm (8.9 oz)
60% CACAO CONTENT - Mayordomo chocolate tablets, a blend of cacao beans, sugar, and extra cinnamon. 60% cacao

This 250 gram package contains four tablets of chocolate. Melt in hot milk or water to make 1.5 quarts liquid hot chocolate drink.
Mayordomo Mexican Chocolate, SEMI-BITTER BLEND, 500 grams (17.6 oz)
39.4% CACAO CONTENT - Bars of rich chocolate, with cacao beans, cinnamon, sugar and soy lecithin.

This 500 gram package contains 3 bars of solid chocolate. Melt in hot milk or water to make 2.5 quarts of hot cocoa drink.
Mayordomo Mexican Chocolate, CLASSICO BLEND, 500 grams (17.6 oz)
31.5% CACAO CONTENT. 3 bars of rich Mayordomo chocolate, a blend of sugar, cacao beans, cinnamon and soy lecithin.

500 gram package. Melt in hot milk or water to make 2 1/2 quarts of hot chocolate drink.
La Soledad Mexican Chocolate Discs, Cinnamon blend, 335 gm.
10 disks of rich chocolate, a blend of sugar, cacao beans and cinnamon.

335 gram package contains ten disks of chocolate. Makes 2 1/2 to 3 quarts liquid chocolate drink.
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Mayordomo Mexican Chocolate, Vanilla, 250 gm (8.9 oz)
60% CACAO CONTENT - Mayordomo chocolate blend of cacao, sugar, ground almonds and vanilla.

250 gram package. Mix with milk or water to make 1 1/2 quarts hot chocolate.
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Mayordomo Mexican Chocolate PREMIUM 500 grams, (17.6 oz.)
45% CACAO CONTENT. Mayordomo Chocolate Premium Blend package contains 4 solid bars. Ingredients: Sugar, Cacao Beans, Cinnamon and Soy Lecithin
500 gram package of chocolate. Melt in hot milk to make 2.5 liters of liquid chocolate drink
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Mexican Mole ROJO Paste, La Soledad brand from Oaxaca, 17.6 oz container
Mole rojo made with peppers, chocolate, onions, bananas, almonds and more. Imported from Oaxaca.

Dilute with water or chicken broth. Sodium content is 25 mg. per serving. This is a 500 gram package. Expiration date of May 7, 2021.
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We import chocolate products direct from the manufacturers in Oaxaca.
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Molina Mexican Vanilla Blend, 8.3 ounce liquid (250 ml) bottle
Bottle of Molina vanilla flavoring, imported from Mexico

Molina is a highly-regarded brand of Mexican vanilla, established in 1944. This is an 8.3 fluid ounce (250 ml.) plastic bottle.
SKU: CH_020
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