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Day of the Dead Pottery

Handcrafted Pottery

Earthenware pottery is the most common type of Mexican folk art. First made here around 4500 years ago, today it is a melding of the newer, Spanish techniques of glazing and firing with the ancient Indian shapes, colors and patterns. We feature the Barro Policromado from Izucar de Matamoros, especially the renowned designs of the Castillo family. The family makes our multi-colored Menorah candelabras, too. Recently, we have expanded our selection to also include the terra cotta nativity figurines from Naples, Italy. They are another handcrafted pottery tradition that goes back several centuries.

Mexican pottery Day of the Dead art includes handcrafted, terra-cotta skeleton figurines and skulls made by the Tomas Hernandez family in Izucar de Matamoros, Puebla. You will also find covered jars and serving trays, bearing the hand-painted face of La Catrina. These are handcrafted by Mayólica Santa Rosa in Guanajuato City. Their jars and vases are turned by hand and then individually-painted in techniques that date back to early Spain and the island of Mallorca.


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Skeleton Family in Purgatory, polychrome pottery
Skeleton family in Purgatory figurine, handcrafted at Taller Tomás Hernández Baéz

Purgatory scene measures 5 1/2 inches long.
Skeleton Man Dancer In Leopard Costume, Mexican Pottery
Skeleton wearing leopard costume, Mexican pottery figurine by Taller Tomás Hernández Baéz

Figurine measures 6.5 inches tall.
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Skeleton Couple on Swing, Day of Dead Mexican Pottery Art
Skeleton couple on swing, pottery sculpture handcrafted at Taller Tomas Hernandez

Swing sculpture measures 6 inches tall.
SKU: PO-1_034
Skeleton Family In Boat, Mexican pottery, 6-inch
Skeleton family in boat, day of dead pottery art by Taller Tomas Hernandez Baez

Boat measures 6 inches long.
Skeleton Wife At Tomb, Mexican Pottery Day Of Dead Art
Wife and dog kneeling at tomb. Mexican pottery handcrafted at Taller Tomás Hdz. Baez

Hand-painted tomb measures 5 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches long. Each one is unique and may be slightly different from images. Signed by the artist.
Skeleton Frida Kahlo Mexican Pottery Candelero
Frida Kahlo Polychrome pottery sculpture handmade by Taller Tomas Hernandez Baez
Frida figurine Measures 8 1/2 inches tall. Holds 3 candles, not included.
SKU: PO-1_003
Skeleton Frida Kahlo Candelabra, Mexican pottery, 10.5 inches
Frida Kahlo candelabra, polychrome pottery figurine by Geovanni Mercado Morgan

Skeleton Frida candelabra holds 3 candles (not included) and measures 10.5 inches or 27 cm tall
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La Catrina in Fuchsia Colored Gown, Mexican Pottery, 17.5-inch, REPAIRED
Mexican pottery Catrina statue wearing fuchsia gown with flowered, Victorian hat, Handcrafted by Juan Carlos de la Cruz
Catrina measures 17.5 inches tall. Head detaches for shipping. Both of Catrina's thumbs are missing.
SKU: PO-1_041
La Catrina in White Gown, Mexican Pottery, 18-inch REPAIRED
Mexican pottery Catrina statue wearing white gown with turquoise boa, Handcrafted by Juan Carlos de la Cruz

Catrina measures 18 inches tall. Head detaches for shipping. Left arm and right hand had been broken off, then repaired.
SKU: PO-1_040
Skull With Butterflies, Mexican Pottery Art, yellow
Mexican pottery skull from Izucar de Matamoros, handmade by Taller Tomás Hernández Baéz

Hollow skull measures 6 1/2 inches long by 5 inches tall.
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Mexican Pottery Skull with Drinking Devils
Sculptured and painted by hand, polychrome pottery skull with drinking Devils by Alfonso Castillo family.
One-of-a-kind skull measures 6 inches long by 4 inches wide.
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