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Oaxacan Wood Carvings

Hand-carved and then painted in cheerful colors, these alebrije carvings are the most sought-after folk art in Mexico. Each finely-crafted sculpture reflects its maker's talent and imagination. We buy our figurines directly from carvers living in villages of the Oaxaca valley. Most are signed by the artists. In most wood-carving families, the husband does the carving and whittling, children sand the figurines to a smooth finish, and it is often the wives who paint the finely-detailed patterns. The realm of Oaxacan woodcarving reflects the best of Mexico's wonderful, "made-by-hand" artistic traditions. For more details, download our promotional flyer at this link.

This subcategory of collectible Oaxacan woodcarvings, signed by the artists, features human figures, angels and animals with human faces (nahuals).


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Animal Musicos Band, 6-piece, #1 Oaxaca Alebrijes
Set of 6 animal musicos Oaxacan carvings by Juventino Melchor
Each figure measures about 7 inches tall.
SKU: WD-6_01
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Dog Nahual Angel, 9-inch
Oaxacan carving of copal wood by Avelino Perez

Angel measures 9 inches tall and is signed by the artist.
SKU: WD-6_02
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Nahual Bat, wood carving, green wings, 12-inch wide
Oaxacan carving by Lauro Ramirez and Griselda Morales

Wooden bat measures 5.5 inches tall with 12" wingspan
SKU: WD-1_004
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Nahual Bear Saxophonist, Oaxaca Alebrije, 7-inch tall
Oaxacan wood carving by Juventino Melchor
Measures 7 inches tall. One-of-a-kind and signed by artist.
SKU: WD-6_04
Nahual Burro Parakeet, Oaxacan Carving, 6-inch
Oaxacan wood carving alebrije by Avelino Perez

The burro/parakeet measures 6 inches tall and is signed by the artist.
SKU: WD-3_20
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Nahual Cat Saxophonist, Oaxacan Wood Carving, 7.5-inch tall
Nahual Cat Oaxacan carving by Juventino Melchor
Measures 7 1/2 inches tall. Cats are hand-crafted figures, each painted in a different color pattern. Yours may not match the images shown.
SKU: WD-6_17
Nahual Dog Cardinal Bird, Oaxacan carving by Avelino Perez 6-inch
Dog/Cardinal Oaxacan wood carving by Avelino Perez. Signed by the artist.

Nahual bird measures 6 inches tall.
SKU: WD-3_21
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Nahual Dog Drummer, 7-inch
Oaxacan carving by Juventino Melchor

Drumming Dog Nahual measures 7 inches tall
SKU: WD-6_08
Nahual Dog Tuba Player, Oaxacan Wood Carving. 9.5-inch tall
Dog musician tuba player, a Oaxacan nahual wood carving by Juventino Melchor
Measures 9 1/2 inches tall. Each one is painted in unique color patterns, may not match images shown.
SKU: WD-6_09
Nahual Rabbit Marimba Band, 6-piece
Rabbits Marimba Band. Oaxacan carving by Juventino Melchor.

SIZE: 4 rabbits each measure 9 inches tall
SKU: WD-6_05
Nahual Rooster Music Band, Oaxacan Carvings by Avelino Pérez
Three-piece band of wooden rooster nahuals by Oaxacan woood carver Avelino Perez

Wooden rooster figurines measure 6 inches tall. Each is signed by the artist.
SKU: WD-6_24
Nahual Skeleton Lion Musician, Oaxacan wood carving
Skeleton Nahual lion figure by Norberto Fabian
Measures 5 inches tall.
SKU: WD-6_10
Original price: $59.00
Save 58%
Nahual Tiger Angel, Oaxacan Wood Carving
Oaxacan wood carving by Avelino Perez

Tiger-angel measures 9 inches tall. Signed by the artist.
SKU: WD-6_12
Nahual Toucan Playing Maracas, Oaxacan Wood Carving, 7.5-inch tall
Oaxacan carving by Juventino Melchor
Measures 7.5 inches tall
SKU: WD-6_13
Sold Out
Owl Violin Player, Oaxacan Carving, 7-inch
Owl playing violin, Oaxacan carving by Juventino Melchor

Wooden owl figurine measures 7 inches tall.
SKU: wd-6_23
Parrot Birds Musicos Band, Oaxacan Carvings by Avelino Perez
Oaxacan wood carving parrot musicos set by Avelino Perez
3 nahual parrots as shown. Each figure measures about 6 inches tall.
SKU: WD-6_03
Sold Out
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