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Tin Art

The Radiance of Tin Art

Tinwork is one of Mexico's oldest crafts. Rooted in Spanish colonial times, tinplate workers manufactured it by dipping thin sheets of iron into molten tin. This coats the iron with a bright, durable surface that is resistant to rusting. Our tin figures are entirely handmade (cutout, punched, embossed and soldered) by craftsmen using great precision and artistic flair. Painted with bright, durable lacquer and enamel colors, tin figures are inexpensive, lightweight and long lasting. In modern Mexico, the two centers of tin smithing are Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende, and we carry products from both cities. For more details, download our promotional flyer at this link.

Our handmade Mexican tin ornaments and figures include tin heart plaques, Christmas stars and angels, flat ornaments and small wall mirrors. We buy from several tinsmith families in Oaxaca, which enables us to offer a wide range of styles and prices. We have the web's largest collection of handcrafted tin hearts, ranging from 12-inch wall decor to tiny magnetic hearts.

Assorted Tin Figures
40 products

Tin Heart Ornaments & Wall Decor
110 products

Tin Animal Figures
40 products

Tin Bird Figures
29 products

Southwest Theme
20 products

Christmas & Angels
49 products

Stars & Small Mirrors
22 products

Day of the Dead
46 products

Fridge Magnet Art
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Hamsa, Khamsa Hands
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Heart with Flower, painted tin wall plaque, red border
Heart with flower, 3D tin wall decor by Jaime Hdz. Cruz
Measures 7 inches tall. Hangs on wall.
SKU: TN-2_098
Heart with Flower, tin wall plaque
Mexican tin heart, handmade in Oaxaca. Painted front side only.
SIZE: 6 inches tall
SKU: TN-2_065
Heart with Flowers Ornament, antique-look finish, by FA
Mexican tin heart plaque, handmade in Oaxaca
Measures 4 inches tall. Painted front side only.
SKU: TN-2_053
Heart with Red Flame, aged-look border, 6-inch (MARO)
Sacred heart tin plaque is handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico
Measures 6 inches tall. Painted on front side only.
SKU: TN-2_073
Sold Out
Heart with Skeleton Angels, painted tin wall plaque
Tin heart with skeleton angels handmade by Paulo Cortes Higuera.
Heart with skeleton angels Mexican tin wall art measures 13 inches long by 9 1/2" tall
SKU: TN-8_037
Heart with Wings, Painted Tin Plaque
Painted tin heart with wings handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico
Measures 7 1/2 inches long. Painted front side only.
SKU: TN-2_088
Heart with Wings, wall art, 7 3/4 inch
Mexican tin heart with wings plaque, cut, embossed and painted by hand in Oaxaca, Mexico
SIZE: 7 3/4 inches wide. Painted front side only.
SKU: TN-2_018
Heart with Yellow Flower, wall decor
Heart with yellow flower, tin wall decor handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico
Heart measures 6 inches tall, painted front side only
SKU: TN-2_068
Heart-Shaped Tin Frame with Mirror, wall decor, 5-inch
Mexican tin heart-shaped frame with mirrored glass.
Measures 5 inches wide, by 5" tall. Mirrored glass can easily be replaced with photo.
SKU: TN-2_017
House Fly, painted tin figure
Fly tin figure handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 6 1/2 inches wide
SKU: TN-3_019
Hummingbird, Mexican painted tin figure
Tin bird handmade in Oaxaca, Mexico
Hummingbird measures 4 inches tall.
SKU: TN-4_017
Iguana, painted tin ornament
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
Iguana measures 4 inches tall
SKU: TN-3_014
Khamsa Hand with Hearts, tin plaque, by Conrado
Mexican tin hand with hearts plaque by Conrado Villegas Alcazar
Hand measures 9 1/2 inches tall
SKU: TN-2_100
Sold Out
La Catrina in Heart-Shaped, Hand-Painted Tin Nicho, 8-inch
Tin heart nicho with La Catrina portrait, handmade by Jaime Hdz. Cruz
Nicho measures 8 inches tall, hangs on wall.
SKU: D-3_07
Original price: $24.50
Save 8%
La Catrina on Bicycle, painted tin plaque, red dress
Mexican punched tin Catrina plaque, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 6.5 inches tall. Painted with red dress. one side only
SKU: TN-8_003
La Catrina Skull and Hat, tin plaque
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 5 inches wide
SKU: TN-8_019
Sold Out
La Catrina, Mexican tin figure, 4.5-inch
Mexican punched tin ornament, handmade in Oaxaca
SIZE: 4.5 inch tall
SKU: TN-8_018
Lady of Guadalupe Guinalda Wall Plaque, black
Printed image of Lady Guadalupe on an hand-painted, tin frame, wall plaque by Rocio Pindter
Measures 13 inches tall by 8 1/2 inches wide. Inscribed with the phrase, "Virgencita."
SKU: RA-3_06
Lady of Guadalupe portrait in yellow, tin nicho, 6-inch
Nicho captioned "Guida a mi familia" features portrait of Lady of Guadalupe. Handmade in San Miguel de Allende.
Measures 6 inches tall by 3 3/4 inches wide. Nicho frame sits upright or hangs on a wall.
SKU: RA-2_29
Lady of Guadalupe portrait, in hand-painted, pink tin nicho frame, 6.5-inch
NEW, LOWER PRICE! Hand-painted tin nicho with hinged door, printed image of Virgin, made by Jaime Hernandez Cruz

Measures 6.5 inches in diameter, by 1" deep. Frame hangs on wall.
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